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New VenturesCosmetic Medical Partners co-owns, advises and manages hair transplant centers, LASIK centers, medical spas, medical aesthetic centers, anti-aging clinics and cosmetic surgery centers in the U.S. and overseas.

Cosmetic Medical Partners generally partners with physicians, centers, clinics, investors or companies with proven business models and helps them duplicate their success in new markets both in the U.S. and international markets.

Cosmetic Medical Partners has successfully partnered with and played a key role in transforming a small, regional hair transplant company into a world leader in hair restoration.

We are also actively engaged in growing a multi-center medical spa company that acquires distressed medical aesthetic centers and turns them around. The Company currently has nine fully operational centers.

We are also shareholders in a growing Marketing Services Organization (MSO) for Board Certified plastic surgeons that invests the marketing working capital to generate leads and incremental patients for a plastic surgery practice.

We are forming a partnership with a leading U.S.-based medical tourism company that sends over 2,000 patients overseas for medical, dental and surgical procedures.

We are also actively engaged in developing men's health clinics and projects involving both standalone centers as well as clinics within clinics.

The founder of Cosmetic Medical Partners has played a leading role in developing very successful, high volume LASIK centers in U.S. and international markets. One such venture resulted in an eight times return on investment (ROI) in merely two years.

We are also exploring new ventures in hair restoration, men's sexual health, testosterone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), medical tourism, international health care and other sectors in the medical aesthetics, cosmetic medical and elective health care sectors.

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