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DevelopmentCosmetic Medical Partners is adept at developing new projects in the U.S. and international markets including emerging markets where growth rates are considerably higher than the U.S.

Our expertise includes project and business planning and development, company formation, joint ventures and strategic alliances, physician recruitment and contracting, contractual negotiations and agreements between partners and others, site selection and planning, staff recruitment and training, marketing and advertising, information technology, financial forecasting and budgeting including pro formas, business and marketing planning and related activities.


Cosmetic Medical Partners has the management expertise and resources to operate, oversee and monitor centers on an ongoing basis including P&L management, human resources, financial management, operations, marketing, compliance, etc.

Ownership / Co-Ownership / Partnerships / Alliances

Cosmetic Medical Partners co-owns, advises and oversees hair transplant centers, LASIK centers, medical spas, anti-aging and cosmetic surgery centers in the U.S. and overseas.

Cosmetic Medical Partners generally partners with physicians, centers, clinics or companies with proven business models and helps them duplicate their success in new markets both in the U.S. and international markets.

Cosmetic Medical Partners has successfully partnered with and played a key role in transforming a small, regional hair transplant company into a world leader in hair restoration.

The founder of Cosmetic Medical Partners has played a leading role in developing very successful, high volume LASIK centers in U.S. and international markets. One such venture resulted in an eight times return on investment (ROI) in merely two years.

If you are a physician, entrepreneur, hospital, vendor, company or other individual/entity that wants to develop or manage a project, center, company or venture in any of the above or related areas, enter new international markets, or grow your existing business and operations in the U.S. or overseas, Cosmetic Medical Partners can be your partner, associate or advisor.

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